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Why Transfer to By the Bridge?

By the Bridge provides Foster Parents with skills, knowledge, tools, guidance and support they need to provide the very best care to children. 


We have an excellent team of Foster Parents who are supported by our experienced local teams across the UK. Originally founded by Foster Parents in 2002, we are an independent and Therapeutic Fostering organisation with branches and Foster Parents across the North West; Midlands; East Anglia; Essex; Thames Valley; Sussex, and Kent.


Helping a child to discover their full potential, and giving them the best possible chance at happiness is what makes Fostering with us so rewarding. But we never forget that Foster Parents must be well cared for and valued too, if they are to do their very best work.


We understand that the quality and availability of support is key to helping Foster Parents manage the children in their care, and in turn this level of quality leads to the best futures for children and young people.

What makes By the Bridge different? 

We are an Independent Fostering organisation

Being independent enables us to make decisions based on what’s best for our Foster children and Foster Parents - unlike many other providers. Our independence enables us to be innovative and creative in our approach to Fostering including enabling us to develop our unique and truly Therapeutic approach to Fostering.

Over 20 years experience of Fostering
Transferring: Fostering with us: 20 years

With over 20 years of experience, we understand the importance of support and exactly what is needed to help Foster Parents be the best Fostering family they can be - leading to the best outcomes for our children.

We are in high demand
Transferring: Fostering with Us: In demand

More children are referred to us than we can possibly look after - we want to bring as more Foster Parents into the By the Bridge family so that we can help as many children as possible. We receive over 500 referrals a week so you will receive regular referrals.

We are unique in our Culture
Transferring: Fostering with Us: Culture

Our offices and countryside locations are carefully chosen and beautifully decorated in vibrant colours. We want our Foster Parents and children to feel at home whenever they visit for meetings, training courses or groups. This is part of our unique culture, helping everyone feel special and valued.

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We are Therapeutic in our Fostering
Transferring: Fostering with Us: Therapeutic

Therapeutic Parenting requires a different approach to traditional parenting. It places emphasis upon deep nurturing & empathy with children who may have experienced trauma or adversity.

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Great Pay, Allowances and Benefits
Transferring: Support: Pay & Allowances

Our pay to Foster Parents is higher than most providers. There are also a range of additional financial allowances and regular events that many other providers do not offer.

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Training & Support
Transferring:Training & Support

By the Bridge do things very differently. We believe there is no greater healing power than a caring family and, with our support, Foster families make amazing differences to our children's lives.

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Careful Matching
Transferring: Fostering with Us: Careful Matching

97% of our Foster placements are stable and avoid any kind of breakdown. Our young people find stability with their Foster families through careful matching, 24/7 support, ongoing & relevant training and a truly therapeutic approach to parenting.

Foster Parents are treated as Professionals
Transferring: Fostering with Us: Professionals

Our Foster Parents are recognised and treated as professionals and valued as the most important members of the specialist team working with our children & young people.

Transfer Process
Transferring: Transfer Process

On average it takes around 12 weeks from your application to being approved as a By the Bridge Foster Parent. Find out about the full transfer process

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Foster Parent training, support & benefits package. What makes By the Bridge so special.

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Contact Us about transferring
Transferring: Get in Contact

Learn more about our transfer process; excellent LA relationships (500+ referrals every week); and experienced, friendly team.

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