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Fostering Transfer Process

Whether you are looking for more support; wanting to Foster with a more Therapeutic approach; Or are looking for a better fit for your whole family, be assured that as a Foster Parent you have a right to change Fostering organisation.  We are more than happy to present all of your options out for you, so that you can make the choice that best suits you and the children you look after.


Our team has many years of experience of guiding Foster families through the process - we will never pressurise you and will only act in the best interests of you, your family and the young people you look after. Our promise is to make the process as simple as possible. 


If you would like to discuss your Fostering or Transfer options; talk about a specific situation or challenge you are currently having and how we might support you differently; or simply to understand us and our offer better, Contact Us for a chat. 


How to transfer Fostering agency

On average it takes around 12 weeks from your application to being approved as a By the Bridge Foster Parent. There a few stages to pass through, as you'll remember from when you first applied to become a Foster Carer - but rest assured we will fast-track as much as we can. 

Transfer of Foster Carers Protocol England - There is a clear set of guidelines set out by The Fostering Network that aim to make the transferring process as simple and straightforward as possible.

Our Transfer process follows this simple, clearly defined process:

  1. Contact Us: Our Fostering team will firstly discuss, in confidence, whether a move will be right for you, and any children who you may be looking after already. They will answer any questions, explain what we can offer and provide you with more detail around professional fees, allowances training, support etc. We promise not to talk to your current organisation until you have made a formal application to us.
  2. Initial Visit: After a discussion with our Fostering team, we’ll meet with you at home to informally discuss your plans to move. If we all agree that Fostering with By the Bridge could be the right move for you and your family, we’ll leave an application form with you to complete (or help you to complete it if that is what you would like.)
  3. Application: Once submitted, your application is reviewed by our Assessment team. If successful, you’ll give your ‘intention to transfer’ to your current organisation.
  4. Assessment: As you are already Fostering, the assessment process is likely to be quicker than before. An Independent Social Worker (ISW) is allocated to undertake the Form F report and checks & references are carried out.
  5. Panel: Once the Form F is completed, you’ll be invited to attend an Assessment Panel - we’ll make sure you receive a copy of the assessment report beforehand. The report is then presented to our Panel to seek in principle agreement to your approval. If the Panel makes a positive recommendation you can then give your notice to your current provider, or if you prefer, you can wait until you have contact from the Decision Maker. We'll confirm with you, any children in placement and their social workers that the transfer is now completed. We'll also agree with you and your current organisation the date at which this new approval will come into effect.


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