Hello, We're By the Bridge with Cambian

By the Bridge with Cambian find families for young people who cannot live with their own families. These families are called 'foster families'. Children sometimes live with their foster family for a very short time, or sometimes until they are grown up.


We have foster families who live in towns and some who live in the country, some have a lot of children, some have no other children. We hope we have found the right family for you.


To find out more about us please see our children’s guide


Under 12? – Click to see our Guide

Over 12? – Click to see our Guide


You matter 

We make a promise to every young person in By the Bridge with Cambian, that we will: give you plenty of things to do and to help you grow. Also, to have your say and listen to what you tell us.

  • We want to help you get a good education
  • We want you to be happy in your home
  • We want you to be healthy
  • We want you to be safe
  • We want you to make decisions for yourself
  • We want to help you feel you belong in your home, your school and your community


Really this is just ONE rule. To behave in a way that keeps you and what is precious to you, other people and what is precious to them, and all living things, … SAFE … ALWAYS.





We're always here to listen...

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By the Bridge are here to support you 24/7 so if you have any questions, concerns or just want to speak to someone other than your Foster Parent(s) then please get in touch