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We think being in care is better when you feel you have a voice and are listened to –one of the ways we do this is with Mind of My Own.  This is a great app and website which you can use to tell us how you are feeling, or how tell us something great that has happened recently, in fact you can tell us anything you like!


You can create your own account through the app or website and use it whenever you like.


Watch the video below to see how you can setup an account:




When setting up a Mind of My Own ONE account you will be asked to ‘select a service’ – please scroll down until you find By The Bridge.


You can use Mind of My Own to tell us anything at all, from your views for your Foster Parents’ home review; feedback from a meeting; let us know how school is going; fix a problem; or share good news. 


If English is not your first language you can use the Reciteme toolbar at the top of the website to translate Mind of My Own into your own language. If you need any help with this, you can contact your local EAGAL.


Please contact your Eagal in branch if you would like some help with this.




We're always here to listen...

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By the Bridge are here to support you 24/7 so if you have any questions, concerns or just want to speak to someone other than your Foster Parent(s) then please get in touch