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Support for Foster Children & Young People

Children and young people are encouraged to be ambitious and accepting of new challenges, big or small, to help them build confidence, self-esteem and empowerment.


Our therapeutic training results in positive outcomes for many children in our care and also makes our Foster Parents highly demanded. Children fostered with us usually stay in education longer and do better academically than children fostered in other settings.


Education & Participation

We believe education, both formal and informal, is the key to unlocking positive futures for children and young people. 


By The Bridge places the highest priority on its children and young people receiving a full education so that they can be prepared for adult life and fulfill their own potential.


Education gives young people the opportunity to develop their skills, knowledge and experience to prepare for adulthood and independence. 


We aim to create a diverse and bespoke range of opportunities, both within formal education and our informal range of learning programmes, to best meet the needs of our wide range of children and young people.


To ensure our children and young people experience different types of achievement, we provide a range of projects, workshops and activities throughout the year which we encourage them to participate in.


By the Bridge Supervising Social Workers (SSWs) and/or Education Advisors (EAGALs) work with Foster Parents to ensure that they are equipped with the skills and knowledge to appropriately address educational challenges and opportunities. Regular training is offered in all our  local offices on education and policy developments to ensure Foster Parents are fully informed.


Where additional support is necessary Supervising Social Workers or EAGALs will attend educational meetings to support both the Foster Parents and young people alike.


By the Bridge provide a school uniform allowance and a maintenance allowance to cover such things as school equipment and trips, to ensure that children have good quality school uniforms, equipment and are able to fully engage in school life.


It is also the policy of By the Bridge to enable young people where possible, the opportunity to pursue further/higher education. Where further education is not feasible we will, through the Grow, Achieve, Learn Programme, actively promote work opportunities ranging from short work experience placements to apprenticeships and vocational training. 


Grow, Achieve, Learn Programme

Grow, Achieve, Learn is our unique tailor made programme and reward system for young people’s development and personal development using accredited skills workshops. The programme has been designed to help build skills for adulthood and give young people tools to prepare them for their independence and employment.


Tailored programmes have included: charity expeditions to Borneo, Film-making and website design courses. Experiences that can inspire young people and teach them skills they need for a better future.



Activities & Events

We arrange loads of activities and events for foster children and your own family to all take part in. Festive parties, days outs, theme parks and trips to the pantomime are organised regularly throughout the year. So we can provide young people with the positive experiences living within a family. 


We also offer support groups for children who foster (ie birth children of fostering families) and regular forum groups where all young people and children can meet with staff, and with each other, to discuss ideas for making By the Bridge even better.

In addition, we use Mind of my Own to ensure every child has a voice and that voice is heard. Read more>>


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