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Grow, Achieve, Learn Skills Programme

Grow, Achieve, Learn (GAL) is our unique personal development programme offered to young people aged 9 and above living with By the Bridge families.

The programme is designed to create a range of opportunities that give young people chances to develop their skills, knowledge and life experiences - alongside traditional and formal education. Many statistics show that outcomes for young people once they leave care are not as positive as for non-looked after children. 

Children in care and young people may not have the support systems in place that we would wish for them to have. Therefore, we believe that it is our duty and responsibility to equip our young people with the things that they need to become independent and ready for the challenges that adulthood can bring.


Tailor-made Programmes

GAL includes tailor-made programmes that identify and support the interests and strengths of our young people.

An example of this was a young person who has a particular interest for working with animals. By the Bridge worked with the young person to identify specific opportunities (volunteering at a local kennels, day course in dog grooming) and supported them to make this happen. The young person’s aim is to get an apprenticeship in animal care.



Working in Partnership 

Grow, Achieve, Learn works in partnership with an array of different organisations, allowing us to offer opportunities to young people they may have thought unattainable.


Our therapeutic training results in positive outcomes for many children in our care and also makes our Foster Parents highly demanded. Children fostered with us usually stay in education longer and do better academically than children fostered in other settings.


Preparation for Independence

We want all young people to be fully prepared for living independently. All of our young people are supported to complete the Grow, Achieve, Learn Skills Award. This is an independence skills development programme that looks at financial, practical, social and emotional literacy and skills development.


By the Bridge works with its Foster families and young people to oversee the progress throughout the programme, with the goal of young people completing the Skills Award.


Grow, Achieve, Learn Workshops

GAL Workshops are held across all regions and have received positive feedback from young people. The EAGALs team at By the Bridge have received additional training to develop their professional knowledge in areas such as Sexual Health and positive relationships. We have built a network of links across the country with organisations that will deliver workshops in their areas of expertise. 


Examples of GAL workshops:

  • First Aid courses offered by St John’s Ambulance
  • Personal Safety Days offered by the Suzy Lamplugh Trust
  • 1:1 CSE awareness and support to help give young people the skills they need to stay safe in personal relationships
  • Legal High Awareness offered by local Drug and Alcohol Partnerships
  • Breakdancing workshops that seek to develop understanding of the physical self, emotions and communication
  • Raft building and water sports days that promote problem solving and enhance trust and relationships
  • Drama workshops tackling difficult topics like child sexual exploitation and positive relationships  




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