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Frequently Asked Questions

Here are the answers to some of the questions we are often asked about transferring to us. You are also welcome to contact us if you have any questions that are not answered here.


  • What should I know about changing to a new fostering organisation?
  • Why should I consider By the Bridge with Cambian?
  • I already have a foster child at home, what will happen to them if I move?
  • Will my pay continue during the move?
  • What will I be paid?
  • What happens next?

If you’re currently fostering with another independant organisation or a Local Authority (with no children currently in place) you might think you can’t switch to another provider. That’s not the case. So it is worth thinking about which company will offer the very best for you and the children you care for.

You may have already wondered if a different foster organisation could do more for you and help you do more for your foster children.

You do so much for disadvantaged children – and By the Bridge with Cambian is committed to giving you the guidance and encouragement to be the most effective foster parent you can be.

Foster parents come to By the Bridge with Cambian because fundamental to our values is that we provide significant training, supervision, groups, activities, career opportunity with prospects for promotion, out of hours help, extra allowances, therapists, education advisors, loyalty scheme and benefits package.

These are valuable services our foster parents can benefit from in order to keep themselves in good shape as the key professionals in the relationship with the child.

And our foster parents love what we offer foster children, too – activities and development opportunities, and for older children numerous opportunities to get involved in. 

You can change fostering organisations if you are currently fostering a child and work for an independant fostering organisation. We will guide you through the process every step of the way to ensure a smooth transition for you and the children you foster.

You can rest assured that we’ll handle as much of the paperwork as possible to make it straightforward for you.

The transfer process is seamless so there’s no loss of income - in fact you will probably be better off with By the Bridge with Cambian.

As long as you are fostering you will continue to be paid so there will be no loss of earnings during a transfer.  A transfer can take up to four months, but can be much quicker than this.

There are lots of advantages to choosing fostering with By the Bridge with Cambian – including great pay. Depending on the foster child's age andthe type of fostering that you do. Our occupancy rates are high – we’ll do our best to minimise any time you spend without a foster child in your home so you can get paid regularly.

And there are even opportunities for promotion to higher pay grades in our Therapeutic Fostering. We also pay for your membership of Foster Talk, with free telephone helplines, and a great package of discounts on products and services.

Our foster parents are also recognised and appreciatied in the important work of fostering with By the Bridge with Cambian.

Just simply get in touch and speak to one of our fostering specialists. You can be sure that your enquiry will be treated with confidentiality and respect.

We are always available to talk to experienced foster parents, or we can come to meet you in your home; or perhaps you would prefer to make an appointment to call in to your nearest By the Bridge with Cambian office.

Let us know what would work best for you, and we'll take it from there!

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