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Why Foster with By the Bridge?

By the Bridge provides Foster Parents with skills, knowledge, tools, guidance and support they need to provide the very best care to children. 



We find and train Foster Parents so that young people in care get a better chance in life as a result of their foster family's commitment and dedication.


Originally founded by Foster Parents in 2002, we are a therapeutic fostering organisation with offices across the country, in the: North West, Eastern, Midlands, South and South East regions. We have an excellent team of Foster Parents who are supported by our experienced local teams across the UK. 


We provide different types of fostering; short-term and long-term fostering which can last from just a few days to several months or years.


Our unique approach to fostering puts the Foster Parents at the centre of our team, supporting the development and progress of a child. Seeing a child in care discover their potential, giving them the best possible chance at happiness is what makes fostering with us so rewarding.


Children and young people are at the very heart of everything that we do, but we never forget that Foster Parents must be well cared for and valued by us too, if they are to do their very best work.


Helping you foster a child...

We know that as prospective foster parents you are passionate about helping your children and young people achieve their goals and aspirations. We want to help you to help them be the best that they can be, and are committed to supporting you to achieve that.


We offer a wide range of training and support to you as a foster parent to facilitate this, focusing on topics such as making the most of education and transitions to independence.


We employ advisors to work with you and your children to ensure that they are getting the best education that they can, and support this by offering advice, guidance and training to schools.


We also offer a full range of activities and events for young people through our Grow, Achieve, Learn (GAL) programme. These activities build self esteem, create opportunities and help you to prepare young people for independent living as successful adults. We can also work directly with young people when required to support this and other on-going pieces of work such as gaining Arts Awards or Princes Trust qualifications.


What makes By the Bridge different?

We are 15 years experience of fostering
Interested: Fostering with us: 15 years

With 15 years experience, we understand the quality and availability of support that Foster Parents need. This leads to the best futures for children and Young people.

We are unique in our Culture
Interested: Fostering with Us: Culture

Our offices and countryside locations are carefully chosen and beautifully decorated in vibrant colours. We want our staff, Foster Parents and children to feel welcomed and ‘at home’ when they come to work or visit for meetings, training courses or groups. This is part of our unique culture, helping people feel special and valued like part of one big family.

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We are in high demand
Interested: Fostering with Us: In demand

More children are referred to us than we can possibly look after. We receive over 500 referrals a week, so we are always looking out for more foster families to offer a good home to as many of them as we can. Being with the wrong fostering provider could mean not having the number of children referred and fostering work.

We are an Independent Fostering organisation
Interested: Fostering with Us: Independent

Being independent enables us to make decisions based on what’s best for us, our foster children and Foster Parents - unlike many other providers. Our independence enables us to be innovative and creative in our approach to fostering.

We treat Foster Parents as Professionals
Interested: Fostering with Us: Professionals

We treat our Foster Parent as professionals, the expert of the child and an equal partner in our skilled team.

We are Therapeutic in our Fostering
Interested: Fostering with Us: Therapeutic

The difference between ordinary fostering and the extraordinary work done by By the Bridge's therapeutic Foster Parents is in how they think about the child. Therapeutic fostering has enabled our Foster Parents to do amazing work that has resulted in many great outcomes for foster children in our care.

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