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Therapeutic Fostering Service


Surrounding this professional training programme, we offer a fully integrated Therapeutic Fostering Service - from application to approval. As a By the Bridge Foster Parent, our integrated Therapeutic Parenting support service will help you to gain confidence, build a resourceful approach and deepen your understanding of the needs of your children and young people. Therapeutic Parenting requires a different approach to traditional parenting. It places important emphasis on a depth of nurturing, empathy and attunement and is a successful relational, way to parent children who have been impacted by experiences of trauma and adversity.


What will my Fostering journey with By the Bridge look like?



We are with you every step of the way.


Before and during assessment

During your assessment journey, we offer you, as a potential Foster Parent, one-to-one consultations with our experienced in-house Psychotherapist who will work alongside you throughout this process – offering consistent and ongoing support.

You will also be invited to join our weekly therapeutic workshops which run throughout your application and assessment process. These thought-provoking, educational workshops offer you an opportunity to develop your understanding of what we mean by Therapeutic Fostering and how to put your new understanding and knowledge into practice.



Following Approval 
Once you have completed your assessment and panel process and have been approved as a By the Bridge Therapeutic Foster Parent we offer you a comprehensive therapeutic framework of knowledge and support:

  • Access to a specifically designed 20 day Therapeutic Thinking Training Programme
  • Regular therapeutic supervision with your dedicated Supervising Social Workers (SSW’s)
  • Individualised Therapeutic Parenting Plans
  • Access to ‘Therapeutic’ educational handouts
  • One-to-one consultation with our Regional therapist - to aid understanding of the needs of the child or young person and to offer strategies to support you in your therapeutic parenting

What support does By the Bridge offer its Foster Parents?


  Therapeutic Fostering Service

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