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24/7 Support for our Foster Parents

By the Bridge offers a range of fantastic training, support and benefits to ensure you have everything you need to provide the best possible outcomes for our children. Including a dedicated Out of Hours team, available to support you any time of the day or night - 365 days a year. You can feel comfortable phoning us whenever you need us, knowing we'll always be there.


Dedicated Supervising Social Worker

Each Foster family is assigned a dedicated Supervising Social Worker who will guide and advise you. With a protected, limited caseload of families; dedicated EAGAL colleagues and no out-of-hours duty, your SSW is able to dedicate all their time to fully supporting your family as they Foster. They will make weekly phone check-ins and monthly visits, to help you anticipate and avoid difficulties, recognise your successes and make sure that everything that needs to be done to support you, is done.


In-house Education Advisors (EAGAL)


By the Bridge employs full-time Education Advisors / Grow Achieve Learn consultants. These are Our EAGALS - dedicated to support our children and young people to ensure they are reaching their goals and fulfilling their potential, and to create opportunities for them to have further education routes after school e.g. College or University. 


21 Nights Respite 

Each year you will be entitled to a 21 nights respite per young person - utilising our large pool of experienced Foster Parents or your own friends and family if you prefer. 14 days of your Respite allowance can also be re-claimed if unused.


Therapeutic Fostering Service

We offer a fully integrated Therapeutic Fostering Service - from application to approval – supporting our Foster families to build a resourceful approach and deepen their understanding of the needs of your children and young people.


Competitive Fostering Allowances 

Although we know it is impossible to place a monetary value on work that Foster Parents undertake on a day-to-day basis, our competitive allowances take into account the demands of Foster Parenting and the significant role a good Foster Parent makes on a child or young person’s life - the Government shows it's recognition of the work that Foster Parents do too with their additional tax benefits.


In-house Psychotherapists

As a therapeutic Fostering provider, we have a staff of in-house professional and highly experienced psychotherapists available to our Foster families for consultation and therapeutic parenting work.


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