By the Bridge with Cambian partners with the Children’s University to encourage and inspire young people

By the Bridge with Cambian partners with the Children’s University to encourage and inspire young people image

By the Bridge with Cambian has partnered with The Children’s University as part of an educational scheme recently launched.


The Children's University Trust, an independent charitable trust, provides 7 to 14 year olds (and 5 to 6 year olds with their families) with exciting and innovative learning activities and experiences outside normal school hours.


The first phase of the partnership was successfully piloted in our Midlands region and was hosted by De Montfort University in Leicester on Wednesday 1 August. The Widening Participation Team and Youth and Community Development Students at De Montfort will be working with By the Bridge with Cambian to host a series of events and activities for our young people during their Children’s University programme, culminating in a graduation ceremony at De Montfort University in May 2019.


The day kicked off with introductions and motivational speeches from The Children’s University CEO, Helen O’Donnell, and Cambian Group CEO, Saleem Asaria, (pictured above) who went onto explain the importance of schools getting involved with the Children's University and the benefits it will provide for our future generations. A fun and interactive Higher Education myth-busting quiz then followed with the day ending on a campus tour, Q&A session and evaluation.


Around 15 of our young people and foster parents attended the day at De Montfort University, which the Children's University will accredit the learning opportunities that they complete as part of their ‘Get a Lifestyle’ programme and Children's University Passport to Learning – a pocket-sized educational ‘passport’ (pictured above) which sees young people collect ‘stamps’ for hours of accredited learning.


Managing Director of By the Bridge with Cambian, Lynn Webb, who attended the event said: “Today we launched the start of an amazing journey for the children and young people, to not only work towards an award, but to demonstrate that University education is there for us all to access and be part of. We are learning everyday, and this partnership harnesses the very aspect that learning is fun, is all around us, and prepares us for adulthood”.


The programme will give our young people the opportunity to earn university ‘hours’ through completing activities, events and programmes with BtBwC and also attending learning destinations around the UK with their families. Examples of these learning destinations are leisure centres and museums – things that our families can also participate in. The programme will help them to recognise that learning is fun, and is educational. Not all learning is in a classroom and everyone can learn and achieve in a way that meets their individual needs and interests.


Nationally, around 6% of looked after children go onto university (12% of BtBwC children) and of these 6%, over a third drop out before completion.


Education is the key to owning a successful future and believing in our young people’s capacity to change the world and we can’t wait to continue working with the Children’s University on this exciting programme.



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