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Vika's Journey


Vika is a young professional whose experiences in residential and foster care have driven her to help young people rediscover their potential.


During her studies in Religion, Philosophy and Ethics at King’s College London, Vika began drawing on her academic and personal insights to inspire and prepare young people experiencing foster care for their transition into independence.


Vika joined By the Bridge in 2015 to develop and deliver the Grow, Achieve and Learn workshops. Her style, delivery and passion for growth have consistently proven to successful with young people and foster parents alike.


Following a busy three years with By the Bridge, working across the world as a model, attending conferences at the Houses of Parliament and the Royal Palace of Brussels, Vika is making the most of her talents as an Artist, Writer and Personal Growth Mentor to develop and grow a new Wellbeing Service for young people with emerging mental health needs for the YMCA England and Wales.



Participation Achievements


  • Vika regularly participated in the All Party Parliamentary group for Looked After Children.
  • Speaker at the Eurochild ‘Children’s Rights Matter’ 2016 conference in Brussels, sharing experiences of barriers in education for looked after children.
  • Presented and compared the Kent BtB Awards Ceremony.
  • Shortlisted for the National Children’s Achievements Award.



Independence Skills Training


Vika delivered training sessions to all branches for over 100 young people as part of the Grow, Achieve, Learn Programme.


Influencing Change


Here are just some of the things Vika assisted with during her time with By the Bridge:


2018:        Reviewed existing welcome materials.

2017-18:   Designed proposal for new age appropriate guides.

2018:        Supported the rebranding of GAL programme.

2017-18:   Empowered young people to use their voice and be participate

                 with forum/activities.

2019:        Designed, wrote & produced “Not Another Leaflet” for all 14+



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Our Childrens Guides have has been produced with the help of our young people and are given to children as soon as they come into into our care.

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