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Fostering Allowances & Pay

By the Bridge Foster Parents are treated as professionals and it is important that they are given financial payments that cover the costs of caring for children or young people on a day-to-day basis as well as a professional fee for their work.


This will enable you to commit to foster parenting as a full-time career whilst working from your own home.


Pay for Foster Parents

Fostering pay varies according to the type of fostering you do, the age of the child and their individual needs. The older the child or young person the higher the fostering professional fee and pay.


With By the Bridge you’ll receive a great weekly pay, on average £450 per week per child.


We also provide generous allowances to help towards all the added costs of looking after children: travel, clothing, equipment, festive gifts and extra to enable you to take foster children on holidays with you. Extra allowances that many other fostering organisations do not provide.


Fostering Pay Examples 


Example 1: Therapeutic Foster Parent with one Foster Child


A Foster Parent that has one foster child aged 11, receiving an average £450 a week would earn approximately £23,400 for 52 weeks of having a child in place.


This is the equivalent to a conventional salary of £29,212.00 due to tax relief as a Foster Parent.


Example 2: Therapeutic Foster Parent with two Foster Children 


A Foster Parent that has two foster child aged 12 and 14, receiving an average £450 a week per child over a 52 week period of having both children in place would earn approximately £46,800.


This is the equivalent to a £65,972.68 conventional salary due to tax relief as a Foster Parent.


We would also provide higher professional fees for Foster Children and Young people that require more skilled support: 

  • Autism
  • Disability
  • Specialist behaviours
  • Parent and Child

Foster Parent Allowances

We also provide generous allowances, in addition to your professional fee and day to day care costs, such as:

  • An allowance towards the cost of a holiday for the child
  • Summer Activity allowance
  • An initial clothing allowance and school uniform allowance
  • Help towards the cost of celebrations for children, such as birthdays, Christmas and other festivals.
Fostering Promotions

Our fostering development programme includes opportunities to gain promotion. As our Foster Parents develop their skills through training, supervision and their day to day fostering work they can reach the criteria for achieving higher pay grades.


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