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  • Can I Foster a Child If I Already Have Children?

Can I foster a child if I already have children?

Of course! Having your own children is a great way to gain the experience you need to become a Foster Parent. 


If you do have your own children living at home, we’ll carefully consider their needs when matching you with looked after children and young people. It is important that the needs of all children, both your own and fostered are met. 


 In any family, new additions bring about changes and the need for adjustments. Everyone in the household will play their part in making a difference to foster children who join your family and to help make a child feel welcome and valued. 


Our inclusive culture means that the whole foster family is valued and we organise plenty of events and activities throughout the year for everyone to enjoy and take part in, including staff and their children. We hold co-Foster Parent and children who foster groups too, to make sure everyone is happy and involved.


It is a good idea to prepare your family for the important work you will be doing, and to share your motivations with them so that they can understand and support you.