Covid-19 Statement

Covid-19 (Coronavirus) Response

Updated 26th May 2020


At CareTech, our main priority continues to be keeping those in our care, and our staff, as protected and safe as possible.


We have a dedicated team who closely monitor and coordinate our response to the situation. This team meets daily and we have a weekly task force who ensures focus and business continuity. Our response to Covid-19 remains informed by the government guidance and we respond to changes in this guidance as they happen. Every person in our care has an individual care plan, where required a hospital passport including an advanced directive stating their own (or their advocate’s) choices over their treatment should they become seriously unwell. The most up to date public advice and information can be found at:


We operate a dynamic risk assessment tool that provides key real time data from each service. Each of our services across the UK also have individual Covid-19 business continuity plans for their specific services.


Our priority remains that we can provide safe, sustainable care to the people in our services. Aligned to the government’s continued instruction for everyone to ‘stay home as much as possible and stay alert’ we have restricted all but essential visitors to our sites. We realise this might be difficult but we hope people will understand that our primary concern is keeping everyone safe.


Some of our day to day workings have had to change to ensure that we can continue to provide care, education and support at a standard that we expect. We are creatively utilising technology to keep people in touch with their friends & family as best that we are able.


CareTech have a dedicated micro site and resource hub to support staff with a daily updates and to ensure everyone is informed and able to access the latest guidance and information. This information is publically available so that staff can access this 24/7 and for those people in our care who are home currently their families can also access this information. Staff are supported with a dedicated email address and an emergency phone number if they require.


We continue to be immensely proud and humbled by the professionalism of our staff at this time. We continue to work to the highest ethical care standards, and to provide input and challenge where we believe decisions could disadvantage those in our care and our staff. There continue to be so many examples of how they have gone above and beyond to support everyone in our care.


We are truly grateful to them. We know that while we may have seen the worst of it, Covid-19 will take its time to run its course. We hope that you are safe and well and thank you for your continued support.