About us
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The By the Bridge Mission

"To give back foster children & young people the opportunities they have missed"


By the Bridge is different and unique, reflecting the individuality of every child, foster parent and member of staff who is part of it. We aspire to create an environment in which the most disadvantaged young people are encouraged to:

  • Believe and have confidence in themselves
  • Explore their gifts and talents and develop independence of spirit
  • Have enthusiasm for change
  • Hunger for knowledge
  • Accept other traditions
  • Live in harmony with themselves and others


By the Bridge is commited to:

  • Challenging practises which discriminate and devalue a young person
  • Promoting the right that each young person has to a high quality and sustainable education
  • Enabling and empowering each young person by listening and responding to their views, and advocating for their educational needs
  • Promoting the particular significance of education for young people within our care within the policies, procedures and practises of public organisations and relevant professional services
  • Building and maintaining professional working partnerships with organisations and services that enable our young people to benefit from high quality services in a variety of settings best suited to their needs, abilities and wishes


We are extremely passionate about changing the face of fostering – there are lots of outdated and unhelpful stereotypes regarding people who foster and children in care. We aim to raise awareness in all sectors of society so that the general population understands the challenges that foster children face, and can better empathise with their situations.



What we say

Paul Surridge Testimonial Image

"People are at the heart of everything that By the Bridge with Cambian is about. It is a priority for us to look after all of our children, foster parents and staff alike.

It is vital for our children, that our foster parents and staff are inspired and motivated by working for By the Bridge. We aim to create an environment where people feel valued and can grow, develop and achieve their goals.

We work to ensure that By the Bridge with Cambian is a fun place to be, where people are treated fairly and rewarded well for the work that they do. We care passionately about professional development and are always looking for new ways to help our people reach their potential"

Paul Surridge Operations Director