Zoe wins prestigious award from The Fostering Network

Zoe wins prestigious award from The Fostering Network image

Zoe, former ‘By the Bridge with Cambian’ foster child was presented with the President’s Award from the Fostering Network at the House of Commons. This was to celebrate the outstanding contribution she has made to fostering over the last three years.

Zoe has been involved in numerous projects over that period to try and make positive changes to fostering. This has included being a spokesperson regarding ‘Staying Put’ changes and being on a number of steering groups for projects being run by The Fostering Network.

Lynette, Zoe’s Foster Parent said:

“We are extremely proud of Zoe. She arrived at our home a child full of trauma and loss. We watched her grow and develop, guided her on her way until she no longer required us to hold her so tight. We gave her free rein and she sailed away. Ships in harbours are safe, but that isn’t what ships are built for.

“Zoe will always remember her past, but her interest in helping others achieve will ensure she also remembers her future which we are sure will be filled with good things. Sail away Zoe but always remember to drop into port each time you are passing.”

Abbee McLatchie, Head of Education, Achievement and Participation said:

“On behalf of ‘By the Bridge with Cambian’, we would like to congratulate Zoe on this fabulous achievement and award. It really shows her commitment to helping others and the impact she has made since she got involved with the “Don’t move me” campaign in 2013. We are sure that Zoe will continue to be involved with The Fostering Network and help steer projects.”

To find out more about the evening, please visit The Fostering Network’s website