Young person puts his first aid skills into practice

Young person puts his first aid skills into practice image

Following first aid training, one of our foster children, Adam* helped a gentleman he found collapsed on the floor of a busy main road. Foster children from the Midlands region took part in a first aid workshop with St John’s Ambulance. This workshop gave young people the opportunity to learn basic first aid and what to do in an emergency.

Tracy Wright, Education and Get-a-Lifestyle Advisor said:

“I am very proud of Adam. Adam attended the First Aid course and  I was taking him home after the course, when we saw a gentleman on the floor; he was on his own, at a bus stop on a busy main road.

“By the time I had parked my car safely, Adam had already assessed the situation, instructed a bus driver to call an ambulance and put the man in the recovery position.  Adam kept calm for the whole time.  He asked the man his name, if this had ever happened to him before and where he lived.  He rang the man’s wife and told her exactly what had happened and where her husband was.  We waited for the emergency services and then Adam even helped get him into the ambulance. His wife couldn’t thank him enough.

“When we got back into my car, Adam  said he couldn’t believe what had just happened.  He said that he was so pleased that he had attended the course because otherwise he wouldn’t have known what to do, I couldn’t praise him enough, well done Adam !

“On behalf of everyone at ‘By the Bridge with Cambian’ we would like to say well done to Adam and how proud we are of you.”



*Please note names have been changed to protect the identity of the young person

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