‘MoneySense’: Free financial resources for Young People

New resource for Young People:  MoneySense image

MoneySense is a free financial education programme that aims to help 5-18 year-olds in the UK towards a better financial future (created by RBS).


Teaching young people about money is one of the most important things you can do to equip them for success in adult life.


Using young people's life experiences, called  'money moments' within the site, such as getting their first mobile phone contract or opening their first bank account, it makes learning how to manage money real, relevant and engaging.


The MoneySense website provides an extensive range of resources, as well as activities that young people can carry out independently at home.


There are dedicated areas on the site for four different age groups of users: young people can find videos, games and other content to help them discover money.


Whether it’s managing money or identifying fraud, the content is tailored to the different stages of a young person's financial journey.


Check it out here [Click Students and a relevant age group]