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My amazing Borneo adventure


Raleigh International

Raleigh International is a sustainable development charity. They work in rural communities focusing on access to safe water and sanitation, protecting vulnerable environments and building community resilience. Working in collaboration with volunteers, communities and local partner organisations, Raleigh International challenges and empowers young people and communities to deliver grassroots sustainable development.


One of our incredible Young people recently completed their Raleigh International expedition to Borneo. The Borneo programme is in the north of the island and is where many people live below the poverty line.


Our young person shares their Borneo adventure.

The adventure begins

“I’ve just got back from Borneo with my expedition with Raleigh International.


Initially my EaGaL came and had a chat with me. I then completed a weekend camp assessment and was selected to go to my chosen destination. We flew on an Airbus to Quala Lumpa, then on from there to Borneo. It’s a long flight but its great fun and you soon get to know everyone.

The expedition

There are three stages to the expedition. My first stage was Padi diving which we did for 5 days and I am now a qualified diver and can dive anywhere in the world.


The next stage was a community project. Our project was building a road and a erecting a children’s education centre from bamboo. This was hard work but just watching the people and their gratitude was amazing.


The final stage is the expedition where we trekked into the malui basin. The people we met were fantastic. They didn’t have anything but laughed all the time and were so happy. Made me a bit embarrassed when I think about the things I moan about.

Life changing

But hold on it’s not all hard work, this experience has for me been life changing too. I have made some really great friends and am meeting up with them all again soon. I grew up, learnt to work with a team and had so much fun I just want to go back and do it all again. Although there was hard work to do we played hard as well.


I would like to thank everyone for their support and my EaGaL in particular for his encouragement. Anyone thinking about it - just do it! I had a really great time.


Only one way to describe the whole thing…. AMAZING! Thank You By the Bridge.”


By the Bridge Young Person