Graffiti tells us foster children "feel safe"

Graffiti tells us foster children "feel safe" image

In partnership with Graffiti Artist foster children and children who foster got the opportunity to take part in a graffiti based participation workshop at our Thames Valley office. The session gave the opportunity for young people to explore what being a part of the By the Bridge family really meant.

Young people settled on the following sentiment: ‘By the Bridge makes us feel safe.’

Abbee McLatchie, Educational, Participation and Achievement Manager said: 

“It was a fantastic day, all of the young people got really involved and put a great deal of effort into the final creation. After deciding on the sentiment, young people stencilled out what they thought it should look like before completing the master piece.

“Graffiti Artist were fantastic with the young people and gave them the opportunity to understand some of the history of the art form, as well as explore how they could use it to reflect their own identity. For example, he worked with a young person to help her explore how she could express her gymnastics and the dedication and practice she puts in to be strong at this sport.”

You can find out more about Graffiti Artist on their website: