Global Accessibility Awareness Day 2021

Global Accessibility Awareness Day 2021 image

Thursday 20 May marks a very important day in our calendar, Global Accessibility Awareness Day 2021.


By the Bridge are proud to support this annual occasion by joining together with Recite Me to get everyone talking, thinking, and learning about digital access and inclusion, to support the one billion people worldwide with disabilities/impairment


According to the WHO World Report on Disability, 15% of the world’s population, or more than 1 billion people, are living with a disability. Of this number, it’s estimated 450 million are living with a mental or neurological condition.


To support the children we care for and our fostering families on our website we provide accessibility and language options to enhance online visitor’s experiences.


These accessibility and language support options include text to speech functionality, fully customisable styling features, reading aids, and a translation tool with over 100 languages, including 35 texts to speech voices and many other features.


We use this within By the Bridge to ensure our Children’s Guides are fully accessible for the children we care for, regardless of their mother tongue or neuro diverse needs. 


Please visit our website, look for the Recite Me Button on the top, far right-hand side and then test out our inclusive toolbar.  Please join in today sharing BTB Posts on social media to create awareness and help make a positive difference and an equal world for people with disabilities.


We also use Recite Me on our Mind of My Own Platforms – which means that children and young people can give us their views in their mother tongue using the recite me toolbar, and then statements are received by us as a PDF automatically translated into English, ready to be included in the child’s files and shared at review meetings etc. 


You can find out more at Recite Me accessibility in the One App on Vimeo



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