Foster children prepare for Gambia Trip

Foster children prepare for Gambia trip image

In June 2016 a group of foster children from By the Bridge with Cambian will be going to Gambia to complete a Global Hands Project. This is an international sustainability charity and our foster children will be helping them to build a new National Library. 

Over the next few months young people will be fundraising for their place on the trip and begin to learn about sustainability and how they can make a difference. As well as helping to build the new National Library, young people will have access to a wide range of activities including: a day in the life of a Gambian family, helping women to use the skills they have to make a sustainable business model, and work experience opportunities.


Nicola Tunbridge, Managing Director, By the Bridge with Cambian said:


“I am incredibly proud of these young people who have the courage and ambition to travel to another country to engage in charitable work which will make such a difference. Their efforts will be for the greater good of the local people, their community and the environment. I am sure that the experience also has potential to be life-changing for the young people themselves and I am grateful to Global Hands for making this opportunity available to By the Bridge with Cambian.


We will be keeping you up to date with the young people’s progress as they continue to fundraise for Global Hands and complete the project in June. Join us on Facebook and Twitter for regular updates.