Education Manager shares amazing progress of By the Bridge young person


By the Bridge Education Manager Caroline Hallett is keen to share the amazing progress of one of our young people. MT has been with By the Bridge with Cambian since February 2016. Unfortunately, she missed several years of education prior to coming into care. When she first moved in with her foster parents she found it hard to follow rules and boundaries. As she settled into her new home and relationships grew, MT began to show an interest in education and school, at that point she accessed education for the first time in many years.



MT enrolled in a specialist school; it took a while for her to accept the rules and to work with them, but she built strong and trusting relationships with the staff there and began to enjoy her new environment. MT maintained good attendance throughout her schooling and would often voice what she wanted and school would take this on board, working with her and supporting her in her chosen subjects.



MT left school in July 2019, having sat exams and gaining 2s and 3s, she achieved many certificates and awards:


  • Highest Efforts
  • Art Award
  • Special Award In Art – making exceptional progress
  • Special Award in Geography – making exceptional progress
  • Head Teacher Award – 100% attendance during time at school – first time ever awarded
  • Special Award - making outstanding all round progress 



At first MT refused to access any further learning, but after conversations with school, foster parent and her BtB Education Advisor Kelly she decided enrol at college and study Health & Social Care.



When attending for enrolment MT was advised that due to her grades she would need to start on Level 1.  MT spoke with tutors and voiced she thought she would be capable of level 2. An arrangement was made with college to start on Level 2 with a six-week trial period – if she passed the trial and kept up with the work then she could remain on the course. MT worked hard, attended all her lessons and completed all the work given.



MT is now working through her second year of the course. She has just learned she has a place at Hull University where she will be studying for a degree in Professional Policing, with her eye on a masters in Crime Control and Criminal Justice. Caroline said “this is an amazing achievement and shows what a young woman with hard work, dedication and the right environment to thrive can do. Well done MT – we can’t wait to see what you do next – you are really going places.”



MT remains happy and settled in her placement with BtBwC foster parents, and an arrangement is in place for her to “Stay Put”.  We wish her all the very best for her future studies.