Cold White Marble - the next Divergent or Hunger Games?

Cold White Marble: the next Divergent or Hunger Games? image

Keturah Paice's Cold White Marble tells the story of eight people from every status and corner of the City, thrown together by fate and by circumstance, but not by choice. Their individual views and opinions of each other, distorted by hatred and prejudice, are challenged in a way they have never been before, in an epic quest to find a better world for all of them.

Set in a parallel world, not so different from our own, a marble ‘City of Enlightenment’ has been built, claiming to have eliminated negative emotions from day-to-day life. But what the oblivious ‘Whitehead’ race – citizens of the City – do not realise is that such emotions have not been abolished; only obscured behind the City Wall. 

When ten-year-old Zulu accidentally steps into the other – secreted – half of her seemingly perfect world, she discovers a new existence, where the Blackhead race endure every negative emotion possible in order to ensure that the Whiteheads never learn of them. The slave force behind the Wall, working to keep the City functioning, is frightening and undeserving. But, as Zulu comes to learn, the truth almost always is.

"This book deserves the success that The Hunger Games and Divergent trilogies have had" Bookwormed Reviews

By the Bridge Young person Keturah Paice, 17, began writing the 'Cold White Marble' trilogy nearly five years ago - a significant amount whilst hospitalised for a total of 16 months. 

 "This story became my entire world; I was trapped in what felt like between two realities – our world, and the book world. Now, recovering, I am able to share my experiences and – more importantly – my story, with everyone, and am able to finally transfer my world into words"

Now a recovering schizophrenic, she wishes to share her experience and tell two stories in order to increase mental health awareness and reduce the stigma surrounding it.

Cold White Marble has recieved extraordinary reviews and has been compared to the successful Hunger Games and Divergent trilogies.

"Cold White Marble is an unforgettable reading experience." Eugenio Silva 

"It is hard to quantify just how good this debut novel from Keturah Paice is but it is simply stunning. It is a book that I greatly enjoyed. This book deserves the success that The Hunger Games and Divergent trilogies have had, the writing is clearly to that standard. The end of the first novel leaves you hungry for more and I can not wait to finish the adventure I have started with these characters. I urge anyone who likes fast paced, exciting adventure to pick up this book." Bookwormed Reviews

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