By the Bridge foster child shortlisted for Coram Voices 2018

By the Bridge foster child shortlisted for Coram Voices 2018 image

By the Bridge are incredibly proud to announce that one of our foster children has been shortlisted for the Coram Voices Competition 2018.


Voices 2018, Coram Voice’s third national writing competition for children in care and young care leavers was launched in 2016 and is a platform for the voices of children in and around the care system. The competition promotes a positive image by showcasing young people’s creativity and improving understanding of their experience.


The theme for this year’s competition was ‘Who or What Makes Your Proud’ which is what inspired our foster child to write such a beautiful poem about her journey through foster care and her incredible relationship with her foster mum whom she refers to in her poem as an ‘angel’.


Katie*, who entered the competition off her own initiative, has been invited to their awards ceremony in London on the 9th of April, hosted by former Doctor Who actor, Peter Capaldi, and will be up for the chance to win some fantastic prices including a tablet device and up to £100 shopping vouchers.


East Midlands Assistant Regional Manager, Michelle Gilman, said: “We’re incredibly proud of Katie, who has shown immense courage and written a truly inspiring poem. To be shortlisted from more than 200 entries is a fantastic achievement and goes to show just how amazing our young people really are. We wish her the very best next month, but she’s already a winner in our eyes!”



Read Katie’s beautiful poem below:


I was the child with the past

The past that trumped them all

I moved houses, got abused

Screwed about felt like a fool

Seven primarys in my life

Yeah I barely learnt a thing

I didn't even know the time

And adding was the worst.


Then high school came around

Acted like I was so tough

But behind the scenes I was just a bluff

Foster home to foster home

Revision down the drain

Exams around the corner

Didn't even learn a thing

But an angel came to me

Fixed my focus

Gave me luck

Got me onto the right path.


Then the day had finally come

I made it to the finish line

With college up ahead

And on the day I stepped inside

Felt like the heavens opened up

Cause life was looking up for me

I'm finally where I want to be.


I'm proud of who I've become.

This is me.


*Child’s name has been changed

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