By the Bridge Celebrates 500th Mind of My Own Statement

By the Bridge Celebrates 500th Mind of My Own Statement image

By the Bridge have been using the Mind Of My Own apps since February 2020, and this week are celebrating having received our 500th statement from a young person! The Apps use child-focused language and design to encourage young people to share their thoughts from a tablet or phone screen.


The technology enables children to share information confidentially, directly with us regarding how safe and how happy they are feeling so we can support their wellbeing more efficiently, and respond more quickly.


Children as young as five have used the apps to help prepare for visits and meetings, tell someone they are struggling, share good news, or request their workers to sort a problem. The Express App, which is primarily image and emoji based, is specifically designed for very young children or those with literacy problems or additional support needs. The One App is more text based.


Speaking about the use of Mind Of My Own in By the Bridge, Education Manager, Caroline Hallett, said: “We were aware that the paper-based system for child views we used to have was not well liked by our young people. Mind Of My Own offers better ways to engage with the children we care for in real time and in a relevant way. Children and young people are using the apps as an alternative way to vocalise problems and acknowledge good things in their life to celebrate.”


A young person in Manchester who is currently using the app, said: “Having the Mind Of My Own app has really helped.  I no longer have to sit at a table writing for ages filling in long forms, now I can use the app on my phone it’s much easier and quicker, it’s a thumbs up from me.” 


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