Break-dancing used to help build self-awareness

Break-dancing used to help build self-awareness image

BreakMission delivered workshops with the By the Bridge regional offices to help support young people to build confidence, self-belief and use breakdance as a medium for self-expression.


BreakMission works across the world to use hip hop culture (in particular breakdancing) to engage people that are often considered hard to reach and to challenge negative stereotypes.  It aims to create reciprocity and use the ideas behind hip hop culture (family, community, communication and sharing) to give back to communities that need support.  It achieves this through a range of mediums such as workshops, classes and putting on events.  This benefits communities with entrance donations being given to local homeless people (such as clothes or food).


These workshops have been incredibly successful, and to witness the progress and achievement of our looked after young people during them has been joyful.  Both Staff and Foster Parents that participated agreed they were able to learn something new about both themselves and their young people.


Abbee McLatchie, Education, Participation and Achievement Manager for By the Bridge with Cambian said:


"We have been incredibly fortunate to have been selected to work with both and BreakMission.  To have such incredibly talented youth workers, practitioners and artists ready and willing to engage with our young people in a way that helps them connect with their identity and increase their self-awareness is truly a gift.  We look forward to developing this partnership further and extending its reach across even more of our families and young people in the coming months".