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View photos of our West Midlands branch - an idyllic converted barn with beautiful, countryside surroundings making it the perfect place for Foster Parents to meet and attend supervision groups, training and events with their young people...


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The Granary office

The Midlands Office, Rugby Testimonial Image

Our Midlands Region is based just outside Rugby and situated in a lovely converted granary surrounded by farmland. All our local offices and countryside locations are carefully chosen and so everyone experiences a sense of a rural retreat and a 'homely’ feel.

The Midlands Office, Rugby

What our Foster Parents say

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"By the Bridge are an exceptional company. There is no alternative for someone who cares about children and who wants the training and support they need to be able to give quality care."

Foster Parent

What our Foster Parents say

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"We're a big happy family! They are always there for you, offering 24/7 support. I attend meetings and yearly events, which are great, and there's a huge range of training"

Why we decided to foster

"My wife was the catalyst. We had a business and were comfortable. We had spare rooms, a stable relationship, and when she mentioned it, I thought why not. We went along to an open evening, and that was that, really"

By the Bridge Foster Parents

"All of my children were getting close to flying the nest and I wanted to fill that void"

Foster Parent

What our Foster Parents say

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"There's such a positive energy about the By the Bridge buildings and people."

Foster Parent