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Our West Midlands branch host a number of children and young people’s events and activities in branch every year which encourage them to build valuable social skills and participate in both educational and fun activities.


The events which are usually organised by regional Education Advisors (EAGALs) and Branch Coordinators have helped to build positive relationships between children, foster parents and staff alike and have included workshops, country park visits, farm days and seasonal celebrations such as Halloween, Guy Fawkes night, Christmas and Easter themed events.


They also recently piloted an annual, overnight Residential trip at Hatton Country World in the summer which was given rave reviews by their 15 young people who took part. Regional Manager, Hayley Haughton, said of the trip: “Each and everyone one of our children were a pleasure to take away; they had fun, took part in activities, listened and abided to rules and instructions whilst looking out for each other, facing fears, making new friends and making amazing memories to last a lifetime!”


Branches also organise regular Youth Forums for their young people where they can discuss anything on their mind in a safe and trusting environment with their peers and our EAGALs. They can also suggest event ideas and seek help from an educational and social perspective.


Our branch events and activities are always met with great enthusiasm and are loved by all, even our birth children who get to take part in activities tailored just to them.


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What our young people say

"“I love the activities they put on at By the Bridge, I used to find it hard to get on with other kids but everyone gets along when they come here…you can just be yourself and be accepted “‘The main thing I learnt on my Raleigh expedition to Tanzania was how to adapt in a completely different environment, not only through living with local communities but also through the range of different volunteers -a benefit of participating in the core programme as it is open to international volunteers. The biggest surprise I found out about myself was mainly being able to build such strong relationships with people so different from myself in such a short amount of time. Also being able to deal with things that I had not already come across in day to day life”

"OMG! Literally words can't describe how amazing the expedition was!!! We climbed mountains and I mean high mountains but when we reached the top the view was unbelievable. We also camped out in the cold and even though I was really cold I loved it! We all as a team worked together and had an amazing time! There was so much mud and it was like stepping into sinking sand! I am SO ready for my 10 week trip. I've made friends that I keep in touch with through email and Facebook. The staff were amazing and so helpful too! Ahh it was amazing! I can't wait to go away! :) I literally can't believe I've just done this"