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Fostering Training and Development

At By the Bridge we provide an extensive range of training to benefit and develop children of all ages. Whether you want to gain new qualifications or be trained to enhance your fostering skills further, our training will help you build on the qualities, skills and life experiences you may already have.


You won’t need any previous training or formal qualifications to foster, but you will need to be prepared to learn new things. 


We treat and train Foster Parents as professionals with the tools to build strong relationships with foster children and to adapt their skills to think therapeutically in their approach to foster parenting.


At By the Bridge, we want you to feel secure and confident in your work. We will work with you to identify training to meet your needs, your foster children and your family’s. 


We offer more training than any other provider, each year (on top of mandatory training) we provide more than 20 courses and workshops that are essential and relevant learning - many new courses.



Foster Parent Training Philosophy

Our training aim and philosophy is to have highly professional and skilled Foster Parents to benefit and support the needs of children from birth to independence.


Our therapeutic training results in positive outcomes for many children in our care and makes our Foster Parents highly demanded. Children fostered with us typically stay in education longer and do better academically than children fostered in other settings.



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