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Positive outcomes for young people

There are many positive outcomes for young people that should be celebrated and recognised. By the Bridge young people overcome great challenges and difficulties to achieve their individual goals, and these deserve recognition. The children and young people, supported by By the Bridge, achieve some incredible things. 


It would be impossible to list all of the amazing things that our young people achieve every day, although these are reflected in our local offices.


Below are some examples of the incredible things that our children have done recently:

  • One young person – after attending a First Aid Skills Award workshop, spotted a man that had collapsed at the side of the road on his way home. He administered the first aid that he had learnt, including calling the emergency services and waiting until they had arrived.  He has been nominated for both local authority and national awards as a result of this
  • One young person spoke at a conference representing looked after young people at a trans-European professional conference in Belgium last summer
  • One young person has overcome not only the challenges brought about by their trauma but able to achieve incredible results for her AS levels and complete her Gold Duke of Edinburgh Award during an international trip
  • Several young people are members of their Children in Care Council’s to ensure that the voices of children and young people are heard and listened to.

Celebrating Achievements

Each month By the Bridge Foster Parents are asked to tell us about the achievements of the children and young people in their care.


These fantastic things are displayed within the branches for everyone to celebrate and also are shared in regional newsletters and young people’s reviews.


Here are some examples from each region's displays:


South East Offices

  • Achieved 3 medals, Gold, Silver and Bronze in cubs for 12 different challenges
  • Attended a dance show and won an award for her hard work and commitment over the past year!
  • Well done for all your hard work with your speech and language
  • Well done for getting into top sets in all your subjects. Keep up the hard work
  • Well done for raising £70.00 for your scout trip to Ireland, by doing a 24 hour stay awake challenge


Eastern Offices

  • Well done for singing at the Royal Albert Hall, You did brilliantly!
  • We are so proud of you for doing so well at your job and for sticking to it and learning the ropes!
  • Won the science prize at school for biology (Plants)
  • Has become a buddy at school. Helps new children settle in, or helps peers with friendship issues.
  • Has been voted sports captain for his year at his new senior school! 


Thames Valley Office

  • Has been more organised in the morning and has been eating more healthily
  • Revision is going well and we are very proud of her
  • Great improvement in listening to people to be able to follow conversations. 
  • Received a maths test and got 31 out of 50. is very happy about this as previously she wasn’t getting half of the marks


Midlands Offices

  • Achieved a gold award at school for best pupil for the month in his year group
  • Well done for passing your exams and positive outcome at parents evening
  • You made a fantastic and tasty curry for the family on Saturday. It was lovely
  • Well done on completing all your tests at school, and achievement points for maths 


 North West Office

  • Some great gardening and good behaviour at school
  • Sang in the choir at the musical evening in school. Fantastic!
  • Has learnt all her lines for assembly. Well done!
  • Well done on achieving 100% attendance for a full term


Positive Education Outcomes



The overall average attendance figure for our young people during the last academic year (2015/16) is 96.85%, over 1% increase on the prevous year. This positions By the Bridge young people as having almost 1% greater attendance the average for looked after children in England (SFR2015). Looked after children traditionally have interrupted education due to their pre-care life experiences and foster family moves. We encourage high levels of attendance through the right educational placement, placement stability and support.


GCSE Results


Current data available (SFR11/2016), which reflects results from 2014, suggests that children living with By the Bridge families have performed more highly in achievement of 5 A* - C including English and Maths by just over 1%.


There were some young people within By the Bridge that achieved exceptionally highly and they deserve recognition for this achievement. Several young people achieved over 9 GCSEs at grades A-C including English and Maths, including one young person who was one of only 6.5% of young people nationally who achieved an A*. One young man who achieved 10 A-C grades was an unaccompanied young person when he came to live with his By the Bridge family with English as his second language.


Further Education


Current legislation states that all young people should continue in education or training until the age of 18. Over 95% of By the Bridge are engaged in further education or training. This is reflective of the positive destinations for our children and young people. This is indicative of our successes, compared with national statistics suggesting over 1/3 of care leavers are NEET (not engaged in employment, education or training).



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