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  • What Does A Foster Parent Do?

What does a Foster Parent do?

As a Foster Parent, you’ll be looking after another person’s child in your own home. Like any child or young person they need stability, security and a chance to develop and thrive. A Foster Parent will have a huge impact on a child’s lives, helping them to improve their self-esteem, make better choices and to go on to have a safer and happier future.


 The role of a Foster Parent is to: 

  • Provide support - Foster parents are expected to do all they can to support children and young people in their education, look after their health and promote their social wellbeing 
  • Attend meetings and manage information – Along with day-to-day care of a child, foster parents attend meetings about the children in their care, keep written records, and manage information that is confidential and sensitive. There are also monthly meetings with other Foster Parents 
  • Manage behaviour - fostered children and young people can display different behaviours as a way of coping with their experiences. A foster parent needs to recognise the possible causes of this kind of behaviour and, with the support of By the Bridge, develop strategies to help a child manage their feelings and experiences
  •  Manage relationships - Foster Parents must be able to communicate effectively, not only with children and young people but with a network of people who are involved with the wellbeing of the children 
  • Attend Training - Foster Parents will develop skills and knowledge so they feel secure and confident in their work with continuous training.