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  • Can I Foster a Child If I'm Not Married?

Can I foster if I'm not married?

We welcome applications from people who are single, living together, married, divorced or separated. Whether you are single or a couple it's really useful to have a good support network.


If you’ve only been in a relationship for a short time and are considering fostering as a couple, we’d suggest that you are in a stable situation (living together) for at least 12-18 months before you start the fostering process.


Fostering will have an impact on your home life, so it's important to be settled in your relationship before starting the assessment process.

What our Foster Parents say

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"We've been with By the Bridge for 5 years. They really listen to foster parents and treat us like professionals. They are friendly, supportive...many of its staff have experience in fostering one way or another, and so really understand the parents' needs"

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