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  • Can I Foster a Child If I Am Not A Parent Already?

Can I foster if I'm not a parent?

Although having your own children is a great way to gain experience and knowledge, you don't have to be a parent to foster a child.


At By the Bridge we'll provide you with dynamic, interesting training and lots of support so you'll feel secure in your work.


As a Foster Parent we need you to:


  • Be able to build good relationships with children and others around you
  • Can see the potential in every child you foster
  • Are reliable through a child's good times and tough times 
  • Can offer a secure, loving and caring home for a foster child

What our Foster Parents say

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"We've been with By the Bridge for 5 years. They really listen to foster parents and treat us like professionals. They are friendly, supportive...many of its staff have experience in fostering one way or another, and so really understand the parents' needs"

Foster Parents