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Making a Fostering Referral


When making a referral, our dedicated referrals team is always ready to discuss your particular requirements, and you can be sure that they have in-depth knowledge of the foster families that they identify as a potential match.


The team also oversees the arrangements for family contact and respite care, and we know that local authority workers value the consistency that comes with this transfer of knowledge.


We have a number of vacancies for emergency, respite, bridging, remand, pre-adoption, sibling, parent and child, short-term, long-term and permanent foster placements. 


Please email referrals@bythebridge.co.uk with your referral



To make a Referral

 please call us:


0845 450 9944


Referrals Testimonials

“By the Bridge is definitely faster than competitors in responding to our referrals….. is particularly effective with emergency placements."

LA Placements Officer - Home Counties

“I am very impressed with how By the Bridge has managed to transform the outlook for (one of the children) I placed with them. The quality of the parents is better than those less therapeutic providers - By the Bridge is in our top for their ability to match LAC with complex needs."

LA Placement Officer - North West