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Brief History

By the Bridge fostering was founded in 2002 in the South East.


From small beginnings in Kent, By the Bridge grew fostering communities and offices organically in the Eastern, Midlands and Thames Valley regions. Through acquisition in 2008, Foster Care Services became By the Bridge North West in March 2011.


By the Bridge, including By the Bridge North West, was acquired by Cambian Group in March 2015. Following a merger with The Cambian Group, one of the UK’s leading providers of specialist care and education, the fostering division of the group is now known as By the Bridge with Cambian.


On 25th July 2016 Cambian’s original fostering service, Cambian Fostercare, closed. The majority of staff and foster families, and one of the offices, transferred to By the Bridge with Cambian or By the Bridge North West.

By the Bridge with Cambian

As a responsible, independent fostering organisation, we work very closely with Local Authorities and their Social Workers; we are here to support you in providing the very best care, opportunities and outcomes. By the Bridge specialises in working with children and young people who could benefit from a therapeutic, nurturing family environment. In turn, this level of quality leads to the best outcomes for children.


Our expertise in fostering traumatised children, the professionalism of our foster families and staff and the application of our therapeutic philosophy all combine well with the Social Workers’ own desire to achieve the best outcomes for the children they place in our care. We recognise that fostering sits within the framework of social work, but is a distinct and separate profession.


As we have a real heritage in fostering, we understand what families need to be successful and we believe in professionalism. At By the Bridge we provide excellent training and supervision programmes for foster parents. These are designed to ensure they maintain the emotional capacity and energy to parent with sensitivity and to provide the structure and stability necessary for the healthy development of the children in their care.


Because our foster parents are valued as professionals and have a first class package of support, training and development, supervision, and access to Education Advisors and Therapists, they are able to work to a much higher standard than you might be used to. We understand that the quality and availability of support is key to helping foster parents manage complex situations – In By the Bridge this support is literally on tap, so things that might otherwise seem difficult may be very straightforward for our foster families. This level of quality leads to the best outcomes for children.


We offer a range of fostering placement categories which could be short-term and long-term placements, and can last from just a few days to several months or years.  

Therapeutic Fostering

Our Therapeutic fostering services is a specialist provider with expertise in fostering traumatised children or those with complex needs. Our unique therapeutic approach recognises that every child is different and has unique physical and emotional needs. Therapeutic plans provide our foster parents with a professional tool to support them in becoming an expert in understanding the internal worlds of their foster children.


The professionalism of our foster families and staff, the application of our therapeutic philosophy, all combine well with the Social Workers’ own desire to achieve the best outcomes for the children they place in our care.

Regional Offices

By the Bridge have offices in the North West, Eastern, Midlands, Thames Valley and South East regions. We also have communities of foster families in the South and Sussex regions.


By the Bridge North West is a Registered Office of By the Bridge with Cambian and receives a range of services from the Central Services office in order to carry out the key tasks of a fostering service as defined by Ofsted.  


Testimonials from IROs

“This placement is enabling R to begin to blossom and progress. The care she receives is of a high standard and her room is excellent. She is really happy here and explained to me that they discuss things with her and that it is the best placement yet.”

Independent Reviewing Officer - Essex

“[The foster parent] has provided a warm and welcoming environment, combined with calm and consistency in behaviour management from the start. I have only recently taken over the case but I have been impressed by the professionalism and efficiency of By the Bridge…”

Independent Reviewing Officer - Midlands

What social workers say

“…The wealth of knowledge that the foster parents have from a specific therapeutic agency…. The foster parents are able to use their own knowledge and use different techniques. Particularly with By the Bridge, there is a wider support team for different practitioners to tap into. By the Bridge's model definitely has better outcomes. The two children I have placed have come on leaps and bounds as a result of this kind of parenting. Things have needed changing over the four years and it has not been a problem."

LA Social Worker - North West LA

"Support and training of foster parents are the strongest areas of By the Bridge's performance. Their whole understanding of children's needs is a major difference. It can be easy for a foster carers to say 'stop, this is too much', but BtB's foster parents have not done this…Because of therapeutic intervention and the whole nurturing environment, the outcomes far outshine a normal agency.”

LA Social Worker