I'm a foster child or young person

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Link Worker/Social Worker

All By the Bridge with Cambian families have a Link Worker or Social Worker.  They vist every month to make sure you and your foster family are ok. They'll attend meetings with you and your foster parents..

Social worker

You'll also have the Social Worker from your home area too; they don't work for By the Bridge with Cambian, they work for the local authority. They're responsible for any links with your own family. We can't make certain decisions about you without the 'ok' from your Social Worker.

Keeping in touch

When children and young people come to a By the Bridge with Cambian family they are given their own card to keep in their wallet or purse. This is called a ‘Keep In Touch’ card. This gives you a contact number for you to text at any time, even when you have left By the Bridge with Cambian; we still want to know how you are!


At By the Bridge with Cambian we think it’s important to consult with young people to get their views and feedback on the work we do.  We’ll always consider ideas from children and young people, not just the adults, so we want to hear from you if you have anything to say (good or bad) about being in care.

Making a complaint

When you arrive in By the Bridge with Cambian you’ll be given a form so that you can tell us if things are not right for you or if you want to complain.


If you would like to make a complaint, please contact your Social Worker, Foster Parent, Link Worker, EaGaL or someone you trust. They can guide you in what to do next.


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