How can I become a Foster Parent?

Can I Foster if...

At By the Bridge we are focused on finding and encouraging people from all walks of life to become Foster Parents and for the right person, fostering can be a rewarding career, supported by great pay.


Many people ask "Can I foster if?"... but it's important to remember you can foster irrespective of your marital status, ethnicity, religion, gender, sexuality, or whether you are a homeowner, renting, a parent or a non-parent. There is no perfect person we look for!


How to become a Foster Parent?

There are some basic criteria to ensure you are eligible to foster with us which are as follows:

  • You need to be over the age of 25 years old
  • You need to have a spare room for a foster child

What makes a good Foster Parent?

Our families come from a range of background and previous careers. Whatever background, all our families are: 

  • Are able to build good relationships with children and others around you
  • Can see the potential in every child you foster
  • Are reliable through a child's good times and tough times 
  • Can offer a secure, loving and caring home for a foster child


If you can can put children at the heart of everything you do, just as we do, then fostering could be a great career for you.



If By the Bridge with Cambian seems like the type of organisation you would like to foster with then Contact Us for more information to begin your fostering journey.



Young Person Testimonial

Callan Testimonial Image

"My experience of By the Bridge has been really positive; during my years with BtB foster parents I felt more than just fostered, I was, and still am, part of the family - a son and a brother. This is what has given me the strength and confidence to grow into who I am today, passionate, hardworking and full of aspirations. As a company By the Bridge doesn't just look at you as a number - but as a child, as part of a family, as you! Before living with my BtB parents I experienced many other fostering organisations - there is no comparison between them and BtB!"

Callan Care Leaver