Fostering children with disabilities or additional needs

Could you Foster a child with additional needs?

There are many reasons to Foster a child with a disability or complex needs - most importantly, you have a unique opportunity to transform a child's life, supporting them on a daily basis and working hard to help them achieve their personal best. Ultimately, Foster Parents offer a child a safe and nurturing home, a sense of security, love, support and positive upbringing.

As a Carer of a child (or a parent of an independent adult) with Autism, Special Educational Needs or additional needs, you already have many of the skills required to make a fantastic Foster Parent; and could begin a new and rewarding career, with 24/7 support, competitive Fostering allowances, and the flexibility to work from home.

More and more Foster Parents are needed across the UK ever month, so that children can live with a loving family in their local area. It is vital that children are matched to families that can fully support them in terms of local education, supportive care, culture and language. Your experience caring for a child with a disability or additional needs, means that you are uniquely positioned to Foster a child with similar needs. 


If you are looking for a rewarding career that will change your life and the life of every child that comes into your home then becoming a Foster Parent with By the Bridge could be for you.

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