Foster Parent Training

The Best Foster Parent Training

At By the Bridge we provide a range of leading training to benefit and support the needs and development of children of all ages.


We will work with you to identify training to meet the needs of you, your Foster children and family.


We want you to develop skills, knowledge and qualifications while you’re a Foster Parent, and feel secure and confident in your work.


We offer more training than any other provider. You don’t need any previous training or formal qualifications to foster, but you will need to be prepared to learn new things.


Whether you want to gain new qualifications or be trained to enhance your Fostering skills further, our training will help you build upon the qualities and life experience you already have. You'll always have opportunities to undertake more training and development with us.


Our therapeutic training results in positive outcomes for many children and makes our Foster Parents highly demanded. Children fostered with us stay in education longer, and fare better academically than children fostered in other settings.

Training Qualifications

Alongside training courses, you can also study for recognised academic qualifications, if you choose to, in partnership with two universities: 

  • Certificate in Therapeutic Fostering this is a one-year course covering therapeutic theories combined with social work ideas to help understand why children and others do what they do; and how adults can help.
  • Masters Degree (MA) in Therapeutic Fostering & Adoption - This course provides an in-depth training for those working with children and young people who have been fostered and adopted.

We are the only Fostering agency to offer these academic programmes which have developed in-house.

Types of Foster Parent Training Courses

Every year we offer over 20 optional courses on a range of issues that are essential and relevant learning - many new courses. These are courses are run by knowledgeable and friendly people that are leaders in their field. 

Foster Parent Promotion

As you complete your Fostering training, along with meeting other criteria, you have the opportunity to apply for promotion to higher pay grades too. 



If By the Bridge with Cambian seems like the type of fostering agency you would like to foster with then Contact Us for more information to begin your fostering journey.



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