Become a Foster Parent

What is Fostering?

Fostering, in it's simplest terms is when you look after a child or young person while they can not live at home for a time - providing care and emotional support to a child or young person who cannot be cared for by their own parents or family. A Foster Parent will have a huge impact on a child’s life. By providing a supportive and nurturing home, a Foster Parent can help a young person to feel safe, happy and valued. 


All it takes is someone like you, to make that difference.


If you are thinking of a career that will change your life and the life of every child that comes into your home then becoming a Foster Parent with By the Bridge could be for you.

Contact Us to find out more.


Who can Foster a child?

Foster Parents come in all shapes and size, and from all walks of life, backgrounds and cultures; and we welcome applications from everyone - regardless of your religion, culture or sexuality.

You CAN Foster if you are:

  • Male or female;
  • Single, married, or in a relationship or not;
  • Have children already or not;
  • A homeowner or a tenant (you will need your landlord's permission);
  • New to Fostering or transferring from another agency or Local Authority - you don't need any specific qualifications - we will provide all the training you need.

We do ask that you MUST have a spare bedroom for a child to call their own – in a stable home, but you don’t need to own it!

If you are a healthy, energetic, capable, patient person and can see the potential in people who have not yet had the opportunities they deserve, then please get in touch for a chat about your Fostering options.