World Book Day 2018

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World Book Day (1st March 2018) is the perfect opportunity to encourage our children to develop a love of reading, and for us to use reading as a way to spend time building positive relationships with them.


This year, the theme for World Book Day is ‘Share a Story’, to help raise awareness of the benefits of reading alone AND together.


Some of these benefits include:


  • Children who read for enjoyment are likely to do significantly better at school than their peers. 
  • Greater self esteem, empathy, relaxation and improved communication skills are well known benefits of reading.


We know that reading can often be quite tricky for some of our children, so finding ways to make it more accessible and enjoyable are key.


This is why this year we're hoping to encourage all of our Foster Parents to support our children in participating in the 'Reach for the Stars Reading Challenge', which encourages 10 minutes of reading a day in lots of different ways.


We have attached further information on 'Share a Story' and the reading challenge below. All of our BtBwC children who complete this challenge will be receiving a prize from us. 


If you need tips, hints or ideas for ways to encourage and develop enjoyment of reading for your child, please go to the World Book Day Website, which has lots of useful information.





Share a Story Reach for the Stars Reading Challenge 1

Share a Story Reach for the Stars Reading Challenge 2

Share a Story Fact Sheet

Share a Story Letter to Parents


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