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Education Advisor/Grow Achieve Learn (EAGAL) Consultant (Maternity Contract)

Education Advisor/Grow Achieve Learn (EAGAL) Consultant –JOB DESCRIPTION- (MAT LEAVE COVER)

The post holder complements the work of By the Bridge foster parents to give our children and young people, aged 0 – 18, and in some cases up to age 24, outstanding chances to excel.


Aims of the Post



• EAGALs seek to ensure all children and young people are able to reach their targets and fulfil their potential – either by attending school or a suitably appropriate alternative education provision. We also facilitate opportunities for our young people to access a broad further education offer - eg apprenticeships or university.

• Where additional support and intervention is necessary, EAGALs will attend educational meetings (PEP’s, reintegration or other interventional meetings) to support foster parents and young people alike. In cases that present high degree of challenge and difficulty, the Education, Participation and Achievements Manager supports through advocacy and guidance on all levels.

• EAGAL’s will be expected to advocate for the child’s right to education funding from local authorities. This includes supporting foster parents to work alongside schools to appropriately target pupil premium funding for their looked after young person to raise their achievement and bridge their gaps.

• We monitor the progress of young people to ensure they are making timely progress, or are having suitable and appropriate targeted interventions. When progress stalls EAGALs will progress appropriate actions with virtual schools and the child’s social worker to continue to advocate on behalf of the child and family.

• Where educational provisions are already in place, we help to sustain the provision if this appears to be in danger. Where a child is referred to us requiring a new educational provision, a mainstream solution will normally be pursued as the preferred option; we will assist the relevant education authorities in identifying a suitable school place and receive all relevant information to enable each child or young person to obtain a suitable educational provision within the required 20 school days from arrival.

• When an educational provision is not in place within the given timescales, the EAGAL will advocate for the child/young person to receive 25 hours per week tuition (preferably delivered in person and outside of the home), at the earliest opportunity. We also advocate for statutory assessments to be carried out where necessary, and can support local authorities to source these from outside of statutory provisions to help reduce waiting times.

• EAGALs across the regions have developed good working links with local universities and will facilitate attendance at open events and widening participation activities to raise aspirations for all of our children.

• Where further education is not the most appropriate progression route the EAGALs actively promote vocational opportunities such as apprenticeships and training programmes through the Grow Achieve Learn (GAL) Programme.

• We seek to ensure that every young person leaving school is engaged in appropriate education, training or employment and continually monitor educational and other achievement outcomes. Alongside this, EAGALs provide the opportunity to obtain alternative qualifications such as the range of Arts Awards and the Princes Trust Achieve qualifications (internally provided and delivered by the EAGAL team).

Key responsibilities



• Help to navigate through local education authority processes to secure suitable school places or provision, and devise action plans as necessary to ensure that all BtB children placed within the branch are attending some form of suitable education.

• Create action plans where any children or young people are experiencing difficulties with schooling in order to address the issues.

• Advocate for children where prejudice, problems or exclusions arise.

• Create and coordinate Grow, Achieve, Learn (GAL) opportunities; liaise with Lead Eagals and Education Manager to seek academic/vocational accreditation wherever possible; engage with young people to make opportunities available.

• Stay up to date on legislation and guidance regarding education, 14-19 and Early Years.

• Implement paper and electronic systems of recording and reporting data, particularly attendance and attainment.

• Act as a champion for Mind of My Own & Youth Participation within By the Bridge.


Safeguarding Children


Safeguarding Children is central to all that By the Bridge does. Education Advisors are in a prime position to notice any actual or potential safeguarding concerns and must follow the By the Bridge reporting procedure if they have any cause to be worried about a child’s well-being. Education Advisors will be required to undertake mandatory online and taught safeguarding training within their induction period.



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