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Fostering Support Team

The local offices are one big community. Our Foster Parents are encouraged to meet regularly at the local office, to learn from each other, build friendships share experiences and support each other. It’s like being part of one big family and what makes By the Bridge so special.


There are monthly meetings, where you can meet, learn from, encourage and support other Foster Parents like you. Many of our Foster Parents have developed strong friendships and support networks; it really is like being part of a big family.


It’s not just training we offer, it’s practical help when you need it too. Many of us at By the Bridge have been in your shoes as foster parents ourselves so we really understand what you need from us.


Local Fostering Team

Every Foster family has a dedicated team of support. These local teams are complimented by Regional Managers and skilled Administrative staff who all extend a warm, friendly welcome.


Link Worker


A designated Link worker's work is to guide and advise you. They will make weekly phone check-ins and monthly visits, to help you anticipate and avoid difficulties, recognise your successes and make sure that everything that needs to be done to support you.


Education Advisor


By the Bridge employs full-time Education Advisors / Get-a-LifeStyle Consultants (EAGaLs) These are designated to every By the Bridge child or young person to ensure they are reaching their targets and fulfilling their potential, and to facilitate opportunities for to have further education routes after school e.g. College or University. 


Regional Psychotherapist


By the Bridge employs a therapist in each region who offers consultations to Foster Parents who may want to talk through what is going on for them or their foster child. The therapist can be accessed by telephone or by face to face meetings. Therapists in By the Bridge also run therapeutic forums that Foster Parents can book themselves onto and receive additional input alongside others.


Out of hours Team


We have experienced and dedicated support staff on call. Day or night, you’ll never be alone with a problem.



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