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Who can Foster a child?

Our Foster Parents come from all walks of life. Providing a safe, secure home can change a young person's life.


Fostering provides much more than a stable home. Every child deserves to grow up in a safe and nurturing home where they have the support and encouragement they need to do well in life. Some children and young people are able to return home after a while, but others may need a foster family until they are adults themselves.


By the Bridge Foster Parents are from all walks of life, there is no ‘perfect’ person we look for. Many foster children lack the positive family experience that most children have, but all it takes is one Foster Parent to make that difference.


If you are a healthy, energetic, capable, patient person and can see the potential in people who have not had the opportunities they deserve then you can probably foster with us.


Many people ask "Can I foster if..." for one reason or another. Here are some of the things that will not affect your ability to foster:

  • Age - As long as you are over the age of 25 you can foster, there's no upper age limit
  • Having children - You can foster if you are not a parent and you can also foster if you do have children of your own already.
  • Gender, religious, cultural, race or sexual orientation does not rule you out from fostering 
  • Relationship Status - You can foster if you are not in a relationship
  • Residential Status - You can foster if you are a tenant (as opposed to being a homeowner)
  • Qualifications - You don't need any specific qualifications - we will provide you all the training you need to become a foster parent with us
  • Transport - you must be able transport a child to and from school, as well as attend regular meetings on behalf of the child


 Common limiting factors in fostering might include:

  • Not having a spare bedroom available for the child - the vast majority of children requiring foster care are at an age where they would need their own space. A spare bedroom is therefore essential for this reason. 
  • Not being able to care for a child full time - we class fostering as a professional career and as such would ask for at least one parent to commit to this as their full time career.


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