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  • How Many Children Can I Foster?

How many children can I foster?

Families are approved to care for a certain number of children, this depends of course on the space you have in your home.


Most By the Bridge families are approved to care for one or two children, but we do have some who are approved for three or more. Each year the approval is reviewed and it is possible to change the approval if the circumstances in the foster home change, such as an extra bedroom becoming available.


Remember – you’ll need to have a spare bedroom available for each child unless you foster siblings of the same gender, where it will sometimes be possible for them to share a room.



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"We've been with By the Bridge for 5 years. They really listen to foster parents and treat us like professionals. They are friendly, supportive...many of its staff have experience in fostering one way or another, and so really understand the parents' needs"

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