Become a Foster Parent in Norfolk

Foster a child in Norfolk

Are you living in Norfolk and interested in fostering? By the Bridge is looking for Foster Parents in Thetford, Norwich, Bury St Edmunds, Newmarkent and Kings Lynn. Also the surrounding towns and villages in Norfolk.


There are lots of young people and children who are in need of a secure home in Norfolk where they can feel safe and able to grow. Fostering with By the Bridge has changed many lives for the better. So if you are thinking of a career that will change your life and the life of every child then please get in touch.


Who can become a Foster Parent in Norfolk? 

Our Norfolk Foster Parents are from all walks of life, there is no ‘perfect’ person we look for. Many foster children lack the positive family experience that most children have, but all it takes is one Foster Parent to make that difference. 


Every child in our care is as unique as you are, and all have different needs. So every foster child requires people with different skills, abilities and experiences. We are interested in what you have to offer a child, rather than your marital status, ethnicity, sexuality, religious belief or whether you own a house or not. Having a pet will not prevent you from becoming a Foster Parent either.


What do you need to Foster?

What we need are flexible, open and honest people in Norfolk who are able to consider a range of children and who with our training and support can understand the difficulties these children have experienced.


Foster Parents will need to appreciate that, potentially, children will come from a wide range of backgrounds; all have different family situations, experiences, and will all need different types of care.


The important thing is that you can see the potential in every child, be reliable through the tough times and offer a secure, loving and caring home for a child for as long as they need. You will need the following:

  • Over the age of 25 years old
  • Have a spare room for a foster child
  • Can demonstrate patience, understanding and commitment
  • Willing to learn more about, caring for children
  • Sympathetic when dealing with children
  • Confident and able to talk and listen to children
  • Able to work with social workers, teachers and other professionals  to help a child 


If you meet the criteria above, then Contact Us to being your fostering journey!


Beech Tree Barn

The East Anglia Office, Thetford Testimonial Image

Our newest Thetford office is situated within a period barn in the Norfolk region. All our local offices and countryside locations are carefully chosen and so everyone experiences a sense of a retreat and a 'homely’ feel.

The East Anglia Office, Thetford
 Testimonial Image

Our branches are where we hold regular training, events and groups where you can get together with other Foster Parents.