Foster Carer Training

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Foster Carer Support

It’s not just great training, pay and allowances By the Bridge offer, it’s practical help when you need it too. We pride ourselves on offering an outstanding level of support to our Foster Carers and our foster families - so you focus your time on the child in your care.  

How we Support our Foster Carers

  • 24/7 Support - There will always be someone to talk to, to help you work out a way forward that is right for you and the child. That’s what we mean by being at the centre of a team of experts – day or night; at By the Bridge you’ll never be alone with a problem 
  • Careful matching - We make sure the individual needs of the children and young people looking for homes are a good fit with your skills, personal situation and experience 
  • Breaks when you need them - Fostering is hugely rewarding, but we understand that foster families need to recharge their batteries like any work. Respite is the opportunity to take regular paid breaks where other Foster Parents look after your foster child. We provide up to 21 nights paid respite per year.  

Our Support Team

You’ll have a local team that will check in with you regularly, to help you anticipate and avoid difficulties, recognise your successes and make sure that everything that needs to be done to support you.


We encourage our Foster Carers to meet regularly to build friendships, share experiences and support each other. We don’t forget the fun stuff either. We arrange loads of activities and events for you, your foster children and your own family to all take part in: Craft afternoons, Summer fun days and outings, Christmas parties and other seasonal events.


This is to provide positive experiences for foster children living within a family and about strengthening relationships and building the team that we’re all proud to be a part of.   


We’ll also go through the application process with you step by step. You’ll have dedicated members of our team to contact if you have any questions or need any help.



If our agency, By the Bridge with Cambian, seems like the type of agency you would like to foster with then Contact Us for more information to begin your fostering journey.



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