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If you are considering transferring fostering agency, but are unsure where to start then you are in the right place. Many foster parents are looking to transfer organisations and you can rest assured that any conversations you have with By the Bridge will be in the strictest of confidence.


At By the Bridge we always welcome existing Foster Parents who want to join our organisation, so the question is, what can we offer you?


Why Change Fostering Agency?

There are many reasons people join us and we pride ourselves on our Therapeutic approach to fostering, our very experienced staff and our friendly and welcoming offices.


We are always keen to work with foster parents that want to develop their skillset, learn a different way of working and ultimately give the child (or children) in their care the best possible life.


We believe that every child is different and our therapeutic approach enables us to train our foster parents to better understand the children in their care and relate to their evolving needs. 


We can offer you the following when you transfer to us:

  • Superior Support - We offer 24/7 telephone support, 365 days a year with direct access to Link Workers (what we call our social workers), education advisors and psychotherapists. We pride ourselves on having staff who are approachable, friendly and more importantly that they are easy to get hold of. Find out more
  • 21 nights “Respite" - We offer up to 21 days respite utilising our large pool of experienced foster parents or by your own friends or family
  • An "Outstanding" organisation - We're rated 'outstanding' in all 5 areas of Ofsted and that's very important to us. What it means is that we provide you and the children within our care the exceptional level of service you deserve when fostering
  • A training programme to suit your needs - After completing our mandatory training, we offer 20+ courses that range from basic training to a Master of Arts Degree (developed by By the Bridge). We also offer a tiered pay system which means that after successfully completing various areas of training we are able to increase the professional fees you receive. Find out more
  • Great pay and allowances - We offer higher than average pay and allowances. Some allowances that are exclusive to us too. For more information on this, click here


Our Foster Parents are recognised and treated as professionals and valued as the most important members of the specialist team working with the child. We understand that the quality and availability of support is key to helping foster parents manage the children in their care, and in turn this level of quality leads to the best futures for children and young people.


If By the Bridge seems like the type of agency you would like to foster with then Contact Us for more information.



By the Bridge Foster Parents Testimonial Image

"We've been with By the Bridge for 5 years. They really listen to foster parents and treat us like professionals. They are friendly, supportive...many of its staff have experience in fostering one way or another, and so really understand the parents' needs"

By the Bridge Foster Parents

"They are an exceptional company. There is no alternative for someone who cares about children and who wants the training and support they need to be able to give quality care."

By the Bridge Foster Parents

"We're a big happy family! They are always there for you, offering 24/7 support. I attend meetings and yearly events, which are great, and there's a huge range of training"

By the Bridge Foster Parents